Fax on Demand: Troubleshooting for The Dimension Express Fax Back System

Every fax machine is capable of using the Dimension Express Fax Back System. Some fax machines may take a moment to figure out. Once you understand how to use your fax machine with the system, you will save hours of time and frustration by getting specification sheets instantly. Use the following hints if you are having difficulties with your fax machine.

IMPORTANT: The system can be used for more than one manufacturer and you can receive code numbers from the system yourself! How? Call the system (925) 284-3558 from your fax machine and enter the number "2". You will receive instructions and information on how to take full advantage of this service bureau.


Please use the fax machines handset (make sure the handset cord is connected to the correct port, check your manual for instructions). If this is not an option use the speaker phone. At the end of the call the computerized system will prompt you to press the manual receive, send or start button on your fax machine, within 15-20 seconds, the information you requested will start to print on your fax machine.

PROBLEM: You hear clicking when pressing buttons on your key pad and the computerized voice continues to talk.
SOLUTION: Make sure your fax machine is set to tone. The switch is usually located on the side or bottom of the fax machine (refer to your fax manual).
PROBLEM: You entered the numbers, but the message said the code was incorrect.
SOLUTION: A. Buttons must be pressed slowly and firmly. If they are pushed too quickly, the system might not pick up an entry. B. Make sure to check a manufacturer directory for updated codes.
PROBLEM: Nothing happens when you press the start button.
SOLUTION: A. It normally takes 15-20 seconds for information to come out your fax machine.
B. Call the system from the handset, do NOT hang up the handset until the fax machine starts to print (some fax machines require that you do not hang up handset until the entire transmission is complete). C. Your fax machine may not be shut properly or you may not have paper in the fax machine.
PROBLEM: You are using your fax modem with your computer and not receiving the information.
SOLUTION: Follow instructions below and plug in a normal touch tone phone into the fax modem.

IF ALL ELSE FAILS (This should always work!!!!!!)

Simply plug an external, touch tone phone into your fax machine (refer to the fax machine's manual). Usually there will be a port called TEL. Then re-try the system using the external phone's handset and keypad to make all entries. When asked to press the manual receive, send or start button on your fax machine, press the button on the fax machine. Do not hang up until your information starts to print. (Some fax machines require you to press a "Dial" button before you press the start, send or manual receive button).

Please call the Dimension Express customer service center if you have any questions (775)298-1833. Unfortunately we cannot give appliance information over the phone.

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